We're creating a safe space for Black women to gather, inspire, and learn.

Join our thriving community of Black women owning our narratives and building our own ecosystem.

about melanin muse

melanin muse is the first digital magazine and multimedia platform created for and by Black women. We are a collective of Black women creatives dedicated to owning our narratives and sharing Black women’s stories. Over the last 3 years, we’ve created safe spaces for Black women to gather, inspire, work, celebrate, and educate one another. 

We believe in the genius and magic in every Black woman! Our vision is a world where all Black women are safe, free, and own their narratives.

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Our manifesto 

Creativity breeds Passion which begins the Process and it all comes from YOU. No one can erase you, no one can diminish you—YOU ARE THE CREATOR. Walk into the room and OWN it. Step onto the set and RUN it. Look in the mirror and SEE—YOU ARE WORTHY. We believe in you because we believe in us. Our melanin muse. More than capable, you are a woman. No one and nothing can deny that. Like a flower, rise from the soil, into the light, and blossom.

thank you!

Thank you to all the womxn in our community that support us and the men who love us. We are forever grateful for you and we love you! 

creator fund

We would love for your financial support to help us build our creator fund to give back to the Black women creatives who work behind-the-scenes developing content for our muses. 

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